A pioneer manufaturer for over five decades, Rajaniklal Ceramic Private Limited brings to you an array of hand painted ‘domit’ ovenware , in exquisite designs and elegant colours. Glazed and fired at high temperatures, domit ovenware is heat resistant and capable of withstanding extremes of temperatures and thermal variations, making it a reliable and durable cookware for both conventional and microwave ovens.

'domit' ovenware is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes (squre, oval, round & rectangular) to suit your baking needs. Free from Lead and cadmium 'domit' is a healthy cooking medium and suitable for use in electric ovens, conventional gas ovens, microwave ovens and otg. Being chip resistant & ageless, 'domit' ovenware is a guaranteed asset to every kitchen.




1. Use 'domit’ ovenware dishes on electric ovens, gas ovens and microwave ovens ONLY. Do not use these over a direct flame.

2. Pre-heat oven before use.Pre-grease the 'domit' dish before placing the food for baking, and make sure that the food does not completely dry up.

3. Do not put the hot 'domit' dish just removed from an oven on a cold or wet surface.

4. Allow hot 'domit' dish, with food to reach room temperature, before placing it in the refrigerator or freezer.

5. Never use plastic covers in the oven/microwave or even when the 'domit' dish is hot.

6. For reheating , allow frozen dishes to reach room temperature before placing it into the oven.

7. Use only soap water to clean 'domit' dishes. Do not use abrasive cleaners, scour pads or detergent powder, as they will scratch the surface of your 'domit' ovenware.

8. Follow the microwave manufacturer's instructions when using the microwave.

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